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My Experimental Process in 10" 

MEP 10" contest for PhD engineering students deadline extended to September 30th


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Materials engineering

Nanomaterials Biomaterials  Polymers  Semiconductors  Ceramics and glasses  Metals and alloys  Materials fundamentals  Computational materials science Electronic, optical and magnetic properties

Mechanical engineering

Manufacturing processes  Finite element analysis  Structural analysis  Fundamental mechanics   Mechanical design  Fluid dynamics   Systems mechanics  Biomechanics   Acoustic engineering

Industrial engineering

Human factors and safety engineering   Quality and reliability engineering   Operations and management   Information systems and management   Operations research and optimization   Supply chain and logistics  Facilities and energy management   Policy planning   Industry 4.0

Electrical engineering

Power  Control  Electronics  Micro and nanoelectronics  Signal processing  Telecommunications  Instrumentation  Automation  Computer Assisted Design

Transversal Topics

Mechatronics and Robotics  Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems MEMS  Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering  Applied Mathematics  Electromechanical Systems  Automotive  Renewable Energy Oil and Gas  

The Engineer & the Scientist's practices

Ethics and legislation    Career Development    Entrepreneurship for engineers    Project management    Communication skills    Team management    Experimental procedures    Results analysis methods     Research projects and fundings    

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